Video Surveillance for home

Home Owners

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

* Has there been recent crime in your neighborhood?
* Do your children come home and stay alone before you get back from work?
* Do you have a nanny or a housekeeper that you would like to keep a close eye on?
* Do wish you could monitor your home online from work?
* Has your property or vehicle been vandalized?
* Would you like to have proof for the authorities if an incident should occur?

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More About Home Security

Home security systems have become a necessity rather than a luxury. The inmates of a house feel safe and protected if they have a home security system. The increasing number of home invasions and burglaries has proved that no house is safe. Regardless of the locality you live in, your house will always run the risk of being attacked by an intruder. Not only are the family members injured, but the loss of valuables and damage of property adds to their misery. It has been noted that brazen homes run the highest risk of being attacked. All this makes home security systems and security alarms mandatory.

Homes lacking effective home security systems with security alarms are exposed to burglars and prowlers and become their chief targets. The criminals are getting smarter and using updated techniques to successfully break into a house. Burglars choose neighborhoods to keep a track of the family members entering and leaving the house. This gives them an idea about the ideal time to break into the house. Video monitoring will help you know if anyone is on the verge of breaking into your house.

BEWARE Beware of companies that takes two or three days to give you an estimate after they show up at your door step. The sales person should know your needs and be able to give you an estimate on the spot. Don't be surprised later!

Always compare apples to apples, and always get it in writing. Do your search!

Our system estimates are always in writing and in detail (each item is priced), come with two years warranty on all parts and labor not 1 year (what most companies offer), and is NOT a lease. Your equipment becomes your property at the time of installation.

Our system comes with a free software that works with mobile phone so you can view your cameras from anywhere you are!


We strive to provide quality service in a timely manner. No job is too big or too small.

Things you should know before purchasing a Video Security System Click here to learn more

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